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The 8th academic annual conference was held in Chongqing Middle School
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On March 29, the 8th academic annual conference was held in Chongqing Middle School and the staff attended the conference.

The principal Kangyong Ren addressed a speech at the opening ceremony.He looked back on the achievements of Chongqing middle school in the past year,especially the contribution of the teaching and research work. The principal also put forward some new requirements for the teachers.

The party committee secretary of the Education Bureau Hongliang Su spoke at the conference .Secretary Su wished the teaching and research activity of high school and the academic annual conference a great success. In addition, he expressed his appeciation for the work of the teaching instruction centre of Chongzhou, the teaching and research community and Chongqing Middle School. The director Daixiang Zhang of the teaching instruction centre and Jianjun Zhang, the assistant dean of the Academy of Community Education attended the conference.

The vice-principal Xiaodong Yang summarized the teaching and research work of the school. The activity will last for six days.It will be carried on in the form of teaching competition,the display of papers,expert lectures and so on. Some experts from Education Scientific College in Chengdu are invited and some leaders and teachers from other schools will attend the conference.

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