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Guests from Far Eastern Federal University of Russia visit Chongqing High School
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Before May Day, representatives from Far Eastern Federal University of Russia visited Chongqing High School of Chongzhou, Sichuan Province, accompanied by their permanent representatives in Chengdu .

  Far Eastern Federal University of Russia is located in a city in the far east of Russia facing the Pacific Ocean. The university is one of the few key universities of Russia with China , Korea and Japan as its neighbors. It is deeply influenced by politics and economy of China . To advance deeper communication and cooperation in economy and culture between China and Russia, this university is more widely open to China.

   In parts of Southwest China, for example, Sichuan Province, there are so many good schools and excellent students. This university hopes that more and more students in Sichuan can go to study in universities in Russia, such as Far Eastern Federal University. Chongqing High School of Chongzhou, Sichuan, China is a nation-grade key school. The university sends representatives to the school first to know more about the school, and secondly to build a relationship and cooperate with the school so that more students in the school can have more choices to enjoy fine college education.

    Headmaster  of the school, Yongkang Ren had a talk with the guests. Both agree that there should be more and wide cooperation. Ren hopes students in Chongqing High School can know more about Russia and study in Russia and even work in Russia for companies from China. Russia is a friendly country and both China and Russia are trying their best to do more to advance cooperation between the two countries. . To respond to the Call one belt, one road, Chongqing High School is pushing on its education internationally.  



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